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♥ Added compatibility with ItemsAdder! (Optional)
- Use 'itemsadder-type' instead of 'type' to get an item from ItemsAdder
- Added 'itemsadder_ruby.yml' as an example

♥ Added compatibility with AdvancedEnchantments! (Optional)
- Needs the main plugin and
this to work

- Use 'advanced-enchants' to add enchantments
- Added 'advanced_sword.yml' as an example

♥ Bug fixes
- Fixed a bug when items could duplicate in /skic gui when /skic reload <name> is used
- Fixed a bug when there was a blank line added in lores for no reason

Enjoy ! :emoji_slight_smile:

A small but impactful update: MythicMobs is now a soft-dependency, meaning it's not a required plugin anymore!

If not installed, "mythic-skills" parameters won't work but will not throw errors.