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Script skHolograms [SCRIPT-API] v1.2.0a

Add holograms in your server and edit them easily

  1. YoshYz
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11

    skHolograms ( by YoshYz ) is a script/api that you can use to create holograms without using any outdated addon to do that.
    This will only works for mc version 1.11+


    skStuff ( Tuske fork )

    • Multiple lines ( Max 5 )
    • Unlimited holograms
    • Holograms list
    • You can delete them everywhere without need to target them.
    • You can edit them everywhere without need to target them.
    • Colours support
    • Many unicodes supported
    Main command: /holo help

    Unicodes list:
    • [<star>] = ★
    • [<3] = ❤
    • [>] = ►
    • = ●
    • [+] = ▪
    Code (Skript):
    1. #Create a hologram
    2. createHolo(name: text, loc: location , lines: integer)
    4. #Delete a hologram
    5. deleteHolo(name: text)
    7. #Edit a hologram
    8. editHolo(name: text , line: integer , newtext: text)


    Command: /holo create [<name>] [<lines>] | holo.create
    Command: /holo delete [<name>] | holo.delete
    Command: /holo edit [<name>] [<line>] [<text>] | holo.edit
    Command: /holo list | holo.list
    Command: /holo help | holo.help

    Hope you enjoy!
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Recent Updates

  1. v1.2.0a

Recent Reviews

  1. TheOnlyRida
    Version: v1.2.0a
    Very great script! Seamless integration with the Skript environment. One issue I noticed is that the player dies if they try to delete a hologram beside them.
  2. Andrew2000
    Version: v1.2.0a
    Hey. Thanks but i need this for 1.8.8, if you can do that, I would be happy