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Addon Skent 3.1.0

The right way to manage files

  1. Welcome to Skent 2.0

    Welcome to Skent 2.0

    What is new?

    Breaking changes

    • Expression [the] (file\[s\]|dir[ector(y|ies)]) %strings% has been changed to [the] (file\[s\]|dir[ector(y|ies)]) path %strings% due to a syntax conflict (Thanks @Sashie and @APickledWalrus).
    • Condition %path% (is|are) [a[n]] exe[cutable] has been changed to %path% (is|are) [a[n]] exe[cutable] (file|dir[ectory]|path) to avoid any syntax conflict
    • Condition %path% (is|are) hidden has been changed to %path% (is|are) [a[n]] hidden (file|dir[ectory]|path) to avoid any syntax conflict
    • Condition %path% (is|are) readable has been changed to %path% (is|are) [a[n]] readable (file|dir[ectory]|path) to avoid any syntax conflict
    • Condition %path% (is|are) writable has been changed to %path% (is|are) [a[n]] writable (file|dir[ectory]|path) to avoid any syntax conflict
    • All events must contain (file|dir[ector(ies|y)]|path) before them (e.g on file created instead of on created) to avoid any syntax conflict
    • Size expression returns a number in bytes, no longer a string


    New: Events have now the path word as choice, as (file|dir[ector(ies|y)]|path) instead of (file|dir[ector(ies|y)])

    New: You can use mutliple paths when using an effect. For example:

    Code (Text):
    1. command /create:
    2.     trigger:
    3.         set {_paths::*} to file path "plugins/abc/a.txt", "plugins/abc/b.txt" and "plugins/abc/c.txt"
    4.         create {_paths::*}

    New: You can manage async effects by using them as scope effect. For example:

    Code (Text):
    1. command /create:
    2.     trigger:
    3.         create file path "plugins/MyAwesomeFile.txt":
    4.             append "Hello World" to file path "plugins/MyAwesomeFile.txt":
    5.                 broadcast "Content added! End of my task"
    6.             broadcast "Created my file"
    7.             broadcast "I can continue my code here without waiting the end of my task"
    8.         broadcast "I can continue my code here without waiting the end of my task"
    New: New syntaxes

    Code (Text):
    1. last modified (date|time) of %path%
    2. %path%'s last modified (date|time)
    4. last access (date|time) of %path%
    5. %path%'s last access (date|time)
    7. creat(ed|ion) (date|time) of %path%
    8. %path%'s created (date|time)
    10. usable space of %path%
    11. %path%'s usable space
    13. total space of %path%
    14. %path%'s total space
    16. unallocated space of %path%
    17. %path%'s unallocated space
    19. %path% (is|are) [a[n]] system (file|dir[ectory]|path)
    20. %path% (isn't|is not|aren't|are not) [a[n]] system (file|dir[ectory]|path)
    22. %path% (is|are) [a[n]] archive (file|dir[ectory]|path)
    23. %path% (isn't|is not|aren't|are not) [a[n]] archive (file|dir[ectory]|path)
    25. [on] [(file|dir[ector(ies|y)]|path)] change[d]
    • Copy effect has been fixed
    • %path% is dir and %path% is file conditions have been fixed
    • Async bukkit events call have been fixed
    • Not important errors have been removed

    Why Skent moved from Bitbucket to Github?

    Skent is a very fast growing addon, with many users using it. Personally, I'm more active on Github (really more active). Github will allow me to better manage problems and will allow me to answer you faster than on Bitbucket. Adding to this that most developers use Github will make it easier for them when they want to contribute (hi @Snow-Pyon).
    You will find all the Skent builds available directly in the "Action" tab of Github.

    Skent 2.0 marks the turning point of Skent, and all previous versions will no longer be supported, hence the removal of the project from Bitbucket.
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