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Addon Skent 3.1.0

The right way to manage files

  1. Peak of Improvement


    I was thinking a long time ago how I could fix some of current issues, like condition "if file/dir exists" which didn't work well. So I found a way to fix that, and here is all changes I did in this version 1.9 of Skent

    Patch note

    • Create file/dir effect didn't work correctly sometimes, it has been fixed.
    • Breaking change: Exists/Doesn't exist condition changed to make it works correctly without any conflict: %path% (is available|is(n't| not) (missing|non[(-| )]existent)) and %path% (is (missing|non[(-| )]existent)|is(n't| not) available)
    • Glob patterns have been added: glob (files|dir[ectorie]s) %string% (in|of|from) %path%
    • Added normalize expression: [the] normalize [path] of %path%
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