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Addon Skematic [1.12.x - 1.13.x] 2.2b

The Skript addon for schematics.

  1. 2.2b - Link fix

    Fixed link
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  2. 2.2b - Actual 1.13 support

    Hey, I never know what to put here

    So here's 2.2b, for the newer versions of FAWE
    No 1.12 updates this time, sorry folks
  3. 2.2 - A small release

    Heyyyy, I'm back with another release of Skematic!

    This version added:

    If you want to use the 1.12 version, be sure to download the Skematic-legacy.jar, if you want to use 1.13 download Skematic-master.jar
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  4. 2.1 - Loading..


    This took a long time, but here is Skematic 2.1! This isn't a very big release, but it brings a few cool things, like:

    • Loading schematics (like skript-yaml!)
    • Fixed schematic pasting (closes #2)
    • Added custom Schematic class
    • And some more stuff!
    NOTE: There's currently a bug with pasting schematics in FAWE.
    Currently, you can't paste/save schematics saved in 1.13. This will throw an error....
  5. 2.0 - 1.13 support

    Happy holidays!

    For this Christmas, I'd like to bring version 2.0 of Skematic! For 2.0, I've reworked a lot of (basically every) syntax and am glad to share it with you.
    Newly added goodies:

    • Added a lot of shape stuff! (Pyramids, etc.)
    • Added patterns (Filling regions, etc.)
    • Added block counts (Amount of blocks in a region)
    • A lot of bug fixes and code improvements
    And probably the most exciting: 1.13 support! Wohoo!
    You can now use the latest FAWE 1.13...
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  6. 1.4 - Type fix

    Small update for 1.4, mainly due to a type bug (used material instead of block)
    Found by Duatre
  7. 1.2

    More stuff! Version 1.2 is here, bringing:

    • Flushing a player's queue (clearing the queue)
    • Removed in %world% from syntaxes where it wasn't needed
    • Fixed schematicformat being null
    • Fixed schematic file finding
    • Removed schematic type :emoji_frowning:
    • And more stuff (that I probably forgot)
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  8. 1.0.2

    1.0.2 - Clean up call

    • Fixed HILARIOUS mistake that made the only condition hello contains %location%
    • Cleaned some code up
  9. 1.0.1

    1.0.1 - Fixed a lot of bugs..

    • Fixed schematic pasting (thanks Feerko)
    • Cleaned up A LOT of the code
    • Switched parse marks to enums
    • Removed a lot of unnecessary wrapper types
    • Made region creation/deletion async.
    • Fixed selection of player
    • Fixed schematics
    • Fixed undo effect
    • Added more consistency to the code (Based on Google's Java style)