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Addon Skellett - The beast addon! 2.0.7

All your Skript needs in one addon!

  1. Bug fixes and some stuff

    - Strange bossbar bugs
    - Bossbar crashing
    - Bossbar last created version dependant
    - Debug option crash
    - Fixed wrong version crash issue
    - Fixed debug colours not working
    - Changed some register features
    - Fixed some register bugs
    - Cleaned some code up.
    - Citizen type not registering on some events (event-citizen)

    - NametagEdit support
    - Paste schematic (more WorldEdit coming soon)

    - Removed the old Nametag system (It was only for user in the same scoreboard)
    #Info: You can still make a nametag system using Full scoreboards, which simulate the exact same thing.

    Code (Skript):
    1.    #effects:
    2.        (place|paste) schematic %string% at %locations% [[(with|at)] angle %-number%] [with limit %-number%] [[and] (without|exclud(e|ing)) air %-boolean%]

    Code (Skript):
    1. paste schematic "test" at player with angle 90 and without air true
    Code (Skript):
    2. #Expressions:
    4.    #Can only be reset or cleared (Reset reloads the nametag)
    5.    [nametag edit] [name[ ]]tag of %player/string%
    6.    %player/string%'s [nametag edit] [name[ ]]tag
    8.    #Set/Get the prefix of a nametag
    9.    [nametag edit] [name[ ]]tag prefix of %player/string%
    10.    %player/string%'s [nametag edit] [name[ ]]tag prefix
    12.    #Set/Get the suffix of a nametag
    13.    [nametag edit] [name[ ]]tag suffix of %player/string%
    14.    %player/string%'s [nametag edit] [name[ ]]tag suffix
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