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Addon Skellett - The beast addon! 2.0.3

All your Skript needs in one addon!

  1. Bug fixes, Pastebin, skull owner and more

    - 1.8 pvp reverter (Basically this turns 1.9+ pvp into 1.8 pvp all that built in)
    - Skull owner
    - Spigot material name getter
    - Clicked row expressions
    - Pastebin

    - Made the cooldown syntax accept multiple players.
    - Cooldown not accepting Numbers.
    - Added support for 1.11+ ShulkerBox's in some inventory clicking syntax.
    - Changed a debug message to be understood easier.
    - Fixed a possible socket issue?
    - Fixed a bug in 1.8.4 and lower 1.8 versions
    - Added a doc generator for Mathhulks docs. Doesn't work at the moment, only preparing.
    - Added a pastebin API generator
    - Fixed a packet sending issue
    - Changed a debug message for SkellettProxy to be easier to understand.

    - Working on a system to auto update Skellett

    Code (Skript):
    1. #Expressions:
    3.     #Changers: set (OfflinePlayer)
    4.     #Info: Gets the offline player linked to the skull.
    5.     #Info: This can only be set at the moment for some reason.
    6.     [the] skull[ ]owner of [skull] %block%
    7.     [skull] %block%'s skull[ ]owner
    9.     #Info: Returns a spigot material name of a aliases https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/spigot/org/bukkit/Material.html
    10.     [the] [spigot] material [name] (from|of) %itemtype%
    11.     %itemtype%'s [spigot] material [name]
    13.     #Info: Calculates the row that was clicked in the inventory clicking event.
    14.     [the] click[ed] row
    16.     #Info: create a pastebin. This returns the link of the pastebin.
    17.     #You can get and find your pastebin API key at https://pastebin.com/api
    18.     [(get|make|create)] [a] paste[ ]bin [link] with (data|lines) %strings%[(,| and|with)] (title|header) %string%[(,| and|with|for)] [api] key %string%
    20. #Conditions:
    22.     #Info: Checks if a slot is within a row of a defined inventory.
    23.     #If the inventory isn't set, it assumes it's a chest.
    24.     #Supported inventories: Player, Chest, ShulkerBox, Enderchest, Dropper, Dispenser, Workbench and Hopper.
    25.     #Any other inventory will be calculated and guessed apon it's inventory size.
    26.     [slot] %number% (1¦is|2¦is(n't| not)) (within|of|in) row %number% [(of|in|from) [inventory] %-inventory%]
    Code (Skript):
    1. on inventory click:
    2.    cancel event
    3.    broadcast "&6%clicked row%"
    4.    if clicked slot is within row 2 of clicked inventory:
    5.        broadcast "&a&lYes"
    6.    if clicked row is 2:
    7.        broadcast "&a&lDoes same thing :P"
    Code (Skript):
    1. on rightclick on anything:
    2.     set {_material} to material from player's tool
    3.     if player hasn't got a cooldown for {_material}:
    4.         set the cooldown of {_material} for player to 100
    5.     wait 2 ticks
    6.     if player has a cooldown for {_material}:
    7.         broadcast "yes"
    8. command /skull:
    9.     trigger:
    10.         broadcast "%skull owner of target block%"
    - One of the syntax can be used outside of the inventory clicking event and the other can't.
    - I added this as it made some of my GUI animations faster and cleaner. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
    - Have any suggestions send them my way, I can look into adding it.
    - Thanks for nearly 1000+ downloads! It's insane
    - Thanks for 1.5 million players in Skellett's database!
    - If you find any bugs please report them to me by PM or tag me anytime :emoji_grinning:
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