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Addon Skellett - The beast addon! 2.0.1

All your Skript needs in one addon!

  1. Holy Triple Sal Cow, a Skellett Update!

    • Removed RPGPlayerLeveling syntax (Was a bad plugin API from the start)
    • Removed SkellettProxy (Use Skungee now)
    • Removed regenerators
    • Removed the DataTypeWatcher packet (Can't be asked to do research and update it's reflection)
    • Removed ProtocolSupport (Their API has drastically changed)
    • Removed One In The Battle Support
    • Removed MySQL syntax, use SkQuery or that other MySQL addon
    • Removed Feudal support (Plugin was abandoned)
    • Removed Eggwars support
    • Removed Book support (It's in vanilla Skript now)
    • Removed SquidHQ (They moved on to managing a minecraft server list site)
    • Removed fireworks (I added them in vanilla Skript)
    • Removed Async World load effect (FAWE has been abandoned at the moment)
    • Removed Packets
    • Removed Dyed Armour (It's in vanilla Skript now)
    • Removed Crop State (The Spigot API for crops has changed completely)
    • In the latest CorpseReborn, you can't set/get the player instance of the corpse, so now new syntax name of corpse %corpse% will just return the name of the corpse.
    • Fixed opening books to players for 1.14.4 servers, Also made the syntax multiple players open book %itemstack% to %players%

      Donations help influence the plugin if you want to help there is a donation button on the main thread, donations are not required, but appreciated.
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