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Hey there!​

Yeah, I know the title doesn't sound too exciting, but that's how it turned out :'(
I've been on a longer vacation lately, and unfortunately, I couldn't really take my computer on my back, you know.
There were reports about an annoying bug that I kinda "fixed in my mind" while on vacation, but I had to wait until I got back home to actually do something about it.
Well, I'm back now, and I've fixed it. And because I really want to get this update with the fix out as soon as possible, it only includes that one thing.
But, are you sure about that?

Other changes, please?​

  • Umm... Yeah, there's one more change, actually... I decided to get rid of that Alerts experiment. It doesn't really add any sparkle to this update, but I just thought it's totally unnecessary.
Well, to cheer you up a bit, I could let you in on the fact that some of my plans have shifted a bit, and most probably, in your favor. I'll try to reveal more soon!

Hey there!​

This update is a tiny one, but I felt the need to release it. Sorry for the lack of major updates, but I had a few things to take care of and was busy working on my Minecraft server, so time was limited. Moreover, I'll be going on vacation again soon, so unfortunately, there will be another break... I hope you'll forgive me!


  • Added a small note about which files are exactly downloaded during the first launch, as some users were suspicious about it.
  • Added Korean language (done at #80, thanks @AlphaKR93!)
  • The settings should now always use the Cascadia Mono font. Previously, it only used it if it was installed on the user's computer, which was a bug.
  • SkHandyControls and SkAvalonEdit libraries are now on Nuget.
And well, that's about it. I'll try to come back with a better update in a few days!

Hey there!​

This update is quite small, but it includes a pretty cool feature - an image gallery in the Marketplace! It will come in handy for syntax highlighting because previously, you had to install and enable it to see how it looks. Now, each one has a sample image showing what it looks like.

In addition to that:​

  • Even though the "Projects and Structure unlocker" addon was converted into an Experiment, the program was still checking if the user had the addon installed, making it impossible to use the experiment. I fixed that.
  • From now on, if you don't have the "Projects and Structure unlocker" experiment enabled, there won't be an "Open folder" button in the menu.
  • Buttons should now be correctly translated into Polish if that's the selected language.
And unfortunately, that's all. I just wanted to release an update that fixes the project-related bug and, in the process, quickly added the gallery to the Marketplace.
Have a great day!


You should read v1.7.3 changelog if you didn't already do so - it's far more interesting update that this one!


  • You can ignore crashes now (but it probably can cause problems - use it only if you have to)
  • Alerts addon could crash the program if there was no internet connection - fixed
  • Button languages are translated basing on the app's language now
  • FINALLY, I removed "command0" to "command49" from code completion...


In this update, I actually "tweaked a little bit of everything." There are small improvements here, little new features there, and some minor fixes... However, I think this update is quite enjoyable and useful!
Unfortunately, due to changes in the skUnity Parser API, the Analyzer add-on (or rather, the Analyzer experiment ) is not functioning. I will restore its functionality in the next version.


  • Experiments
    • Until now, features that, in my opinion, required further attention or user feedback became add-ons. In this update, I made it easier by introducing "Experiments." A new tab has been added to the settings where you can easily enable experimental features:
  • Along with the addition of experiments, I included two new features that are experiments themselves!
    • The first one is the "Bottom bar," an experiment that adds a bar at the bottom of the editor, providing information about the file length, line count, cursor position, selection length, and includes a button to change spaces to tabs!
    • The second one is "Alerts" - a very simple experiment, but I believe it could be useful. What does it do? When the program starts, it checks the SkEditor+ website to see if any alerts have been posted. If there are any, it will display a message, which is handy for announcements or warnings.
  • From now on, when you close the program with files open, they will reopen automatically on the next launch!
  • In the previous version, I made a significant mistake - due to changes in class structure, the CompletionUnlocker addon was crashing the program on startup. I quickly fixed this crash after it was reported, but users couldn't update the addon through the Marketplace because the program crashed right after starting... Starting now, when an addon throws an error, the program will notify the user, provide information about the addon and its author, display the stack trace, inform the user to check for updates, and ignore the crash.
  • Previously, even though the program informed the user about an error and saved the files in the event of a crash, it still "left the crash to the system," often resulting in a "not responding" status. Now, the application simply closes.
  • I added the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + / to comment or uncomment selected lines.
  • The keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C now copies the entire line if no text is selected.
  • The item search feature in the visual GUI generator now uses an improved search system - for example, typing damon pckaxe will show Diamond Pickaxe as the first result.
  • Although the program warned users about closing unsaved files using the Ctrl + W shortcut, this feature was missing when using the close button next to the file name. I have now added it.
  • Previously, I positioned elements in windows like the "Publish Window" solely using margins - it was terrible practice. I have now rewritten all windows to avoid that.
  • I believe I have finally resolved the issue causing the window to be cut off.
  • The horizontal scrollbar appeared stretched out - fixed.
We have a small update for you, but it includes an important bug fix.

Here's what has changed:
  • The visual GUI generator, when selecting the code generation options for pure Skript, was not removing underscores (_) from names in the code, which caused an error.
  • If you changed the documentation link in the settings, closed and reopened them, the link would revert to the default one instead of the user-set link.
  • Technical: The entire "Managers" folder has been renamed to "Utilities," and the managers have been split into smaller files.
This update is quite small, but I wanted to release it. Let's go through the changes!

  • The visual GUI generator now has an option called "Use skript-gui" (when unchecked, the code will generate using the clean Skript functions)
  • The shortcut Ctrl + D now duplicates the selected code (if present) instead of duplicating the line where the cursor is
  • For some reason, the Turkish translation was missing translations for the latest features. Fixed that!
  • The code completion prototype was enabled by default. Fixed it - that's what the addon is for :emoji_wink:
  • Previously, in the visual GUI generator, when resizing the GUI, all items would be removed. Now, items in rows that weren't deleted remain intact.
This is the first update after my pretty long break. And to make up for the wait, I'm coming back with something big - a visual GUI generator!

I hope you'll like it! In the future, though, I want to improve it even more, for example, by adding support for generating code from pure Skript (currently, it generates code that requires the skript-gui add-on), support for custom player heads, a field for entering CustomModelData, and so on.

  • Added visual GUI generator
  • "Fixed" #31 (you can scroll past end of the document now)
  • Added #69
  • I think I managed to do this: #40 but I can't test it, so I currently will not add the ARM version of zip - if you can help me to test it, please write to me on Discord - Notro#5324!
  • YAML syntax highlighting wasn't working, so I fixed it. Also, I fixed the errors in the highlighting.
  • I fixed some smaller bugs
And I think that's it! I hope I didn't miss anything.

Enjoy using it!
Unfortunately, no, my break hasn't ended yet, and it will take some more time. However, I wanted to release this update because it contained a major bug fix - syntax highlighting updates were not appearing in the "Updates" tab of the Marketplace. Additionally, I wanted to incorporate the changes made by @DogLoverPink in their pull request #68. Thanks!
Hey there!
This update is quite small, but I wanted to fix a few things before my break. What break? I mentioned it on the Discord server:

Just wanted to let you know that I'll be dropping a quick bug-fixing update either tomorrow or over the weekend. After that, there likely won't be any major updates for about 2-4 weeks, though there might be some smaller bug fixes here and there. So don't expect anything too exciting in the next month. Sorry about that. As always, I'll do my best to answer any questions or address any suggestions you may have.

Here are the changes:
  • The code completion performance should be a lot better now (although it may slightly impact usage), but I'll keep working on improving the code completion system even more in the future.
  • Sometimes SkEditor+ didn't open files from FTP, and it was literally random - it sometimes worked and didn't work other times. That should be fixed now.
  • The font selection menu now shows previews of the fonts.
That's about it, I hope I didn't forget anything. I hope you won't be offended by this break .