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The previous update had a critical bug - the app would crash when opening an image if the "check for external changes" option was enabled. This new build resolves that issue.

I thought there wouldn't be an update in March. But still, I worked on it for a bit and I'm releasing this update in the last days of the month. It's not too big, but something is better than nothing, right? :emoji_slight_smile:

- I added code folding, integrated with the code parser. You can enable it as an experiment.
- From the very beginning of SkEditor, there was a "Experiments" tab in the settings window source code, with translations too. I finally added it! This way there's no need to manually change those options in the file.
- I added an "Open AppData folder" button in the "About me" settings tab.
- SkEditor is now compiled using Ready2Run. Thanks to this, it should start up faster. The cost is a slight increase in app size.
- Changing themes should now be more efficient.
- Detecting external file changes should work better now, there used to be weird errors like detecting edits when there were none.
- Menu tabs now have a slight background transition when hovered over instead of an instant change.
- The "Documentation" menu tab no longer appears. It was there from the start as grayed out, meant to show it would be added soon. For now, it hasn't been added, and people keep asking me how to enable it - so from now on, it's not visible at all.
- Installing updates through SkEditor will no longer show the installer GUI.
- After creating a new file, syntax highlighting may not have been applied - fixed.
- On the first run of SkEditor, an error about syntax highlighting could have shown up - fixed.
- Item choice windows in the GUI generator now have the proper styling.
- The language choice and "anonymously" option in the Publish window no longer show up when selecting a service that doesn't support them.
- API changes


It's been quite a while since the last update, but in return, this update is pretty big. However, due to being a bit busy, most of it was done by @ItsTheSky - thanks! :emoji_slight_smile:
- A code parser has been added to the left sidebar. It shows the code structure, displays variables, and allows editing, etc. - remember that to enable the left sidebar, you need to change the value of the EnableProjectsExperiment option to true in the settings.json file, or use the new method - paste this code into an empty file in SkEditor: -enableSkEditorOption: EnableProjectsExperiment, and then restart the application. (
- Projects have been greatly improved: files have icons, you can manage files and folders directly in SkEditor, and much more (
- You can now customize the indentation style (spaces or tabs, size) in the settings (
- The Sidebar has been generally improved; it's easy to register new panels, the animation of opening panels has been improved, etc. (
- Added file association capabilities, menu items registration for addons, and an image viewer (
- SkEditor now shows the changelog during the first run after an update (in a simple form as a message, later I plan to add a general start page for such things)
- Themes now have an option to enable the Mica effect, allowing SkEditor to beautify itself by creating a nice background based on the desktop background. For the option to be visible, the application background in the theme must be semi-transparent. Shortly after the update, I plan to add an official version of the default theme with the Mica effect.
- The CompletionItems collection is now a public property, making it easier for addons to add new suggestions.
- Added a simple "refactor" function by right-clicking on text to change variable names.
- Addons with an exclamation mark before the name (folders or dll files) are not loaded by SkEditor now.
- Changed the way to set the style to "small window".
- Added a few new methods to the API.
- Moved the TextMarkers API, which was previously in the Analyzer, to SkEditor. This allows various addons to add their own markers.
- Added "special pastes," mentioned with the code parser - they allow performing simple "developer" tasks with a simple paste of a special command.
- Fixed a few bugs and crashes.
- Updated AvaloniaUI to the latest version



This is a small update that only fixes some bugs.


  • If a crash was caused by an addon, the information about addon name is added to crash message
  • Fixed a bug that caused addons to not be updated
  • Fixed weird auto-pairing behavior
  • Fixed a problem that loading syntax could result in a crash
  • Fixed #23



This is a smaller update, but it comes with a few important fixes.


  • I've created a simple version of "projects"/"workspaces". To enable it, go to %appdata%/SkEditor, open the settings.json file, and change the value of EnableProjectsExperiment to true.
  • Hex color highlighting was causing performance issues. Now, they are not highlighted by default. Just like projects, you need to enable them in the json file (EnableHexPreview). However, the performance issue itself should no longer occur.
  • @ItsTheSky implemented a new syntax highlighting file format. This allows for syntax highlighting for languages other than Skript. For example, you can now find YAML syntax highlighting in the Marketplace.
  • Hungarian language added - thanks to @Beni34!
  • Resolved #19
  • Resolved #15
  • Fixed errors related to checking external changes
  • SkEditor will no longer crash in case of a faulty structure in the addons folder (this was a quite common issue during Analyzer updates).


Hello and happy New Year!​

I've got a slightly bigger update to kick off the new year.


  • I changed the program's design a bit. Colors from the old "Shadow" theme are now the default.
    (⚠️❗ If you were using the program before, SkEditor won't automatically update the default theme. In that case, head to settings -> Personalization -> Theme, click the "Open folder" button, close SkEditor, delete the Default.json file, and restart SkEditor.)
  • Added a theme editor in settings.
  • Introduced an early prototype of code completion, which you can try out by setting EnableAutoCompletionExperiment to true in settings.json.
  • Added hex color highlighting in text.
  • The Marketplace can now install "packs" that include both syntax highlighting and themes simultaneously.
  • The Marketplace can now install more advanced addons using external libraries.
  • Fixed #8.
  • Fixed #9.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when the theme wasn't loaded correctly.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when having two identical addons.
  • Added the Skript addons menu in the Analyzer and the option to choose custom Java version.


This is a small update that fixes some bugs, adds a command generator, and introduces the possibility to add example actions for items in the GUI generator.

Welcome everyone!​

Ohhh, it's been such a long time! This post is going to be a bit long - not sure if anyone will read it, but after such a long time, I want to write everything in detail.

A bit of history​

The original SkEditor was created by @GliczDev in 2020. It was a very simple editor. It had many updates, but eventually, in 2021, it was abandoned.
A few months later, SkEditor Remake was born, created by me. It was a fork of the original SkEditor and added a few new features.
Only some time later, it was rewritten in WPF with a new look and features, and it was much more interesting. However, after a few months, I stopped updating it, only to announce in 2022 that it's the end.
But I was back with the familiar SkEditor+, which was a significant step forward, but now we're in a similar situation.

✨ Brand new SkEditor​

I rewrote SkEditor from scratch on a new platform. I wanted to finish it much earlier and release it on September 25th, the anniversary of SkEditor+'s release, but it got a bit delayed. However, I think it was worth it, and here are some of the highlights:

New platforms!​

The new SkEditor supports not only Windows but also Linux and macOS. However, for now, I'll only be releasing versions for Windows - because that's the only system I can test sensibly. If you're a regular user of one of those two systems and would like to test, message me on Discord - you'll find me on the Discord server.

New look!​

The new SkEditor looks much better than the old one. I think a simple comparison clearly shows it (New SkEditor with the Shadow theme):


You can now change almost every color in the application using themes!

The return of Analyzer!​

Remember the Analyzer, the tool connected to the skUnity Parser?
In the new SkEditor, it's back and much more powerful! You can instantly analyze your scripts with a quick button on the bottom bar or the F1 shortcut, or let the application analyze the script when you finish writing. This way, you'll find out if your script has syntax errors, warnings, and get a basic information about the script - all without requiring an internet connection!

Many improvements in existing features!​


The new SkEditor is not perfect. For example, currently, it lacks a built-in web browser - I have to wait until the library implements Linux support.
The addon API exists and is quite powerful - Analyzer is written 100% as an addon. However, some functions are missing in the API, and there's a very small number of events. In addition, there's a lack of languages - only English and Polish are available. If you speak another language and would like to help by creating a translation, please write to me on Discord!
There is no installer, auto-update and projects features available at the moment. They will be added in future updates.


This is the first version - bugs may occur. If you find any, please write on the Discord server!

What about the name?​

The app had many names: SkEditor, SkEditor Remake, SkEditor+...
Most people just wrote "SkEditor" anyway, so that becomes the official name.
I hope this won't cause confusion!

.NET 8​

SkEditor+ was previously built on .NET 6, but with the recent release of .NET 8 as the next LTS version, the new SkEditor has been upgraded to it. This means that users need to have it installed, and it can be downloaded from this page.
That's all for now. This is a rather stressful moment for me - I've invested quite a bit of time into this (to be precise, around 160 hours, whereas I spent a total of approximately 120 hours on the old SkEditor+ ). I hope you'll be happy with it, and there won't be any issues.


Hey there!​

No need to go into too much detail, it's a really tiny update.
I can just let you know that work on the rewritten version of SkEditor+ is ongoing and looking good!


  • Previously, when the program was closed with files open, they used to be saved and reopened on the next start. However, in situations like that, when trying to open a file, it wouldn't actually open. Fixed!
  • If an error occurred while trying to save a file, users weren't informed about it at all. Now, a message pops up along with the error details.
The second change is related to a report about file saving issues. With these changes, I should be able to diagnose that better now.

Hey there!​

This update is once again quite small. I did it because it turned out that the bug I thought I had fixed in the previous version still persists. Finally, it should be resolved!
I really didn't want to release an update just for this fix, so I added a little improvement - "Copy" and "Paste" buttons in the GUI generator, making it easy to clone items.
Unfortunately, that's all for now. I don't want to spend too much time on this version of SkEditor+ since I'm working on a rewritten version.
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