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Skript Tools SkEdit Beta-v1.0

WorldEdit and Voxel Sniper into one Via Skript!

  1. DerpyTurtlez
    What is SkEdit?

    SkEdit is a new skript ive been working on and it is essentially a blazing fast and efficient version of Voxel Sniper & World Edit in one.


    - /skedit
    - /skedit reload
    - /wand
    Aliases: //wand
    - /desel
    Aliases: /deselect , //desel , //deselect
    - /calc
    Aliases: /calculate , //calc , //calculate
    - /lines
    Aliases: //lines
    - /up <number>
    Aliases: //up <number>


    - skedit.use

    Plugins Needed:

    - Skript ( Obviously )
    - Skellette
    - skRayFall
    - SkQuery
    - TuSKe

    Please do not post any error's or any hate in the review section! Please join my support discord server below to get support on what you need help with!

    Support Discord:

    - https://discord.gg/pehvra5ZZa











Recent Reviews

  1. Blue
    Version: Beta-v1.0
    It's simple, and only works for one player at a time, but I suppose it kind of works..

    Please don't advertise it as blazing-fast though, it uses the most naive way to set blocks (Loop-and-set)