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Script SkEco 2.1.2

A simple yet effective vault economy Skript for your server.

  1. Update 2.1 [Yaml Time v.2]

    - Player data is now saved in a yaml file vs. variables

    - config.yml and playerdata.yml in "plugins/SkEco/"
    - Dependancy - Skript-Yaml
    - Auto-Converter, will convert your player's balances from the variable file to the new yaml file.

    - /eco convert command has been removed, this will be used in another update to convert players balances from variables to the new yaml file.
    - Removed player's balances from the variable file.

    - I HIGHLY recommend backing up your variables file before using this. The system will automatically convert your player's balances from variables to the yaml file, but you know, just in case of emergency.
    - I haven't had a chance to test this a lot, since I'm alone on my test server, but if you find bugs please report them.
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