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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.11
  2. 1.12
  3. 1.13
  4. 1.14
  5. 1.15
  6. 1.16
SkDynmap is a Skript addon that let you interract with the Dynmap Spigot plugin.
SkDynmap allow you to create coloured areas, like this:


This addon is actually in developement, and many features will come later.


To install SkDynmap:
- Download Skript and put in the plugins/ folder of your server
- Download SkDynmap and put in the plugins/ folder of your server
- Download Dynmap and put in the plugins/ folder of your server
- Restart your server
- Enjoy !

Documentation: View documentation on SkriptHub and on SkUnity

Support: You can contact me on Discord: @Skylyxx#8816.
More Informations: here
First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. SkDynmap v1.2.2

    This release fix some bugs, and add Skript version to Metrics. Link...
  2. SkDynmap v1.2.1

    SkDynmap v1.2.1 adds support of Skript 2.6-alpha1, but also some bug fixes and optimizations...
  3. SkDynmap v1.2

    SkDynmap v1.2 adds support of chunks for areas locations, with the corners of %chunks%...