Addon skDragon [EMOTES] [PARTICLES] 0.16

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- Updated to 1.14, the new particle names are:
- sneeze, campfirecozy, campfiresignal, composter, flash, fallinglava, landinglava, fallingwater

- Also fixed some bugs
- fixed capes, hopefully they run a little better for people
- also fixed an issue with redstone color being the wrong values in versions below 1.13(sorry about that)

(these dumb version numbers im giving it will stop when i finally release skDragon 2(possible different name) soon™)
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Reactions: Ayham Alali
this one should work now...
this is what that last update was supposed to be but for some reason uploading it that time didnt actually upload??
Forgot about emotes:emoji_wink::emoji_wink: now they work in 1.13+ as well!
  • - Updated metrics to bstats (
  • - Updated DragonTravel support to version '01.006.05' (a few API changes were made in that plugin, please update it)
  • - Added more expressions for DragonTravel
  • - Added 5 new draw particle syntax(these effects simplify the use of drawDot and add some new features)
- Colors specifically (redstone/mobspell/ambientmobspell)
- Blocks/Items specifically (blockcrack/blockdust/itemcrack)
- Directional specifically (if it doesn't work it's because that particle isn't directional!) <-- yay directionals
- Material(blockdust/itemcrack) particles
- Colored block particles (Using a new derpy color spectrum)​
  • - Updated 'stopEffect id "string"' now accepts a list variable so you can now stop multiple effects at a time
  • - Updated red tint effect to work in 1.12
  • - Fixed drawRings not completely stopping and possibly a few others
  • - Fixed item fountain nulls with air or null items and other things
  • - Updated emote effects, they all run under one syntax now using an `emotetype` enum
  • - Added repeat option to emote effect, now you can set how many times it should play
  • - Added (a bit late but meh) new xmas emotes <3 thanks joey for making these
  • - Added blinking orc emote (this was going to be part of a more RPG set of emotes)
  • - Added 'Custom Emotes' now you can make your own(check CustomEmotes.yml for examples). To use them use `emote "customname" on %player%` where 'customname' is the name you used in the CustomEmotes file
  • - Added the trial packet again(tim didn't want it) and no you can't change the message that it sends!
  • - Added @Blitz's AnnotationParser to skDragon thx bae <3
  • - Added a Documentation.htm <3 thx @Gatt for the template (The generation of this file can be disabled in the config file in the skDragon folder)
  • - Slowly adding new particle effect system (I'll document this later for now check the generated .htm file)

#New Syntax

Colored particles:
   draw %number% colored (redstone|mobspell|mobspellambient) particle at %entities/locations% with RGB %number%, %number%, %number%[, offset %-number%, %-number%, %-number%][, id %-string%][, r[ainbow]M[ode] %-boolean%][, randomColor %-boolean%][, visibleTo %-players%][, visibleRange %-number%][, pulseDelay %-number%][, keepFor %-timespan%]

Directional particles:
   draw %number% %particlename% particle at %entities/locations% with direction %vector% and speed %number%[, offset %-number%, %-number%, %-number%][, id %-string%][, visibleTo %-players%][, visibleRange %-number%][, pulseDelay %-number%][, keepFor %-timespan%]

Colored directional particles:
   draw %number% (shade|red|green|blue|rainbow|full)[ scale %-number%] colored directional (blockdust|itemcrack) particle at %entities/locations% with direction %vector% and speed %number%[, offset %-number%, %-number%, %-number%][, id %-string%][, visibleTo %-players%][, visibleRange %-number%][, pulseDelay %-number%][, keepFor %-timespan%]

Material particles:
   draw %number% (blockcrack|blockdust|itemcrack|fallingdust)[ material]  particle made of %itemstack% at %entities/locations%[, speed %-number%][, offset %-number%, %-number%, %-number%][, id %-string%][, visibleTo %-players%][, visibleRange %-number%][, pulseDelay %-number%][, keepFor %-timespan%]

Material based directional particles:
   draw %number% directional (blockdust|itemcrack) particle made of %itemstack% at %entities/locations% with direction %vector% and speed %number%[, offset %-number%, %-number%, %-number%][, id %-string%][, visibleTo %-players%][, visibleRange %-number%][, pulseDelay %-number%][, keepFor %-timespan%]

Packet stuff:
   send[ fake] trial packet to %player%

Custom emotes:
   custom emote %string% on %entity%[with [frame] delay %-number%][ [and] repeat[ing] %-number% [time]]
   reload custom emotes

Built in emotes:
   emote %emotetype% on %entity% [with [frame] delay %-number%][ [and] repeat[ing] %-number% [time]]

Emote types:
       santa wink
       santa blink
       santa look
       xmas tree
       orc blink
       love struck
       too cool