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Supported Skript Version
  1. 2.8
Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.20
SK-DEATH-CHEST-12-04-2024 (1).png

Spawns a chest at your death location !

Addons required: SkBee


#Permission required to spawn the death chest
permission: "skdeathchest.chest"

#If the chest can be opened by other players
#Chest will be unbreakable too, and immune to explosions etc.
victim-only-can-open: true

#The message sent to player who are not owners
#of a death chest
not-owner-message: "&cYou are not the owner of this death chest!"

#Forces the chest to appear at the player's position no matter what.
#If the player is in water, for example, the water at their position will be replaced by the chest.
#If set to false, the chest will only appear if the block at the location where the player dies is non-solid. (air, grass...)
replace-block-at-location: true

#Time until the chest despawn
#Write it as a timespan
chest-duration: 5 minutes

#If an display should spawn above the chest to indicate
#the owner of the death chest and the time left
spawn-holo: true

#The text displayed in the holo
#Use {p} and {time} as placeholders
  - "&e{p}&c's death chest"
  - "&7&o{time}"
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