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- Added 'future' syntaxes. They can be used to wait for an event in the middle of your code such as waiting for a chat input.
- Added multi-line string section.
- Renamed 'reverted condition' to 'if not'.
- The 'if not' and 'all true?' conditions are now seperate in the config.

For more info, please check the GitHub wiki or SkriptHub documentation. If something is unclear or you have issues, contact me on the support Discord.

Take care!!!
- New resource page, icon, banner
- Syntaxes are now available on SkriptHub docs and the Github wiki
- Added 'variable tree' expression
- Added 'parsed as type' expression
- Added 'reverted boolean' expression
- Added 2 new effects for labels (a.k.a. goto)
- Added 2 new conditions for reverting a condition and checking if a list of booleans are all true
- The config code was rewritten, if you used SkCheese before you may need to delete your config
- Switch cases were rewritten and it is now disabled by default, you can enable it in the config

For detailed information, check the Github wiki.
!!! Happy 2024 !!!
Fixes a bug where you couldn't use strings in cases. You should REALLY update.
Fixes an exception when you don't use the and store it in ... pattern. (Skript's fault)