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Addon SkBee 2.1.0

A simple solution to make your server more bold!

  1. Big Changes [1.16.0]

    This is a fairly large update which includes a new BossBar system as well as a completely new Scoreboard system.

    - SkBee now only supports Minecraft 1.17.1+ and requires Java 17+
    - New scoreboard system using packet based scoreboards. The old scoreboard system used team based scoreboards, which ended up screwing up vanilla team stuff. This new system sends scoreboard packets directly to the player, leaving all vanilla team stuff alone.
    The syntaxes for this scoreboard system are the same, so if you are currently using SkBee boards, you won't have to change any of your code.
    - Updated Team system. Since SkBee is no longer using team based scoreboards, this system has been re-written to use vanilla MC teams. And hopefully this fixes any issues that we had before, whether they be timing/loading issues, or issues with other plugins. Syntax is the same so no need to change your code.
    - Updated NBT-API to support MC 1.19 NBT

    - Added expressions to get the level/enchantment of an `enchantment type`
    - Added the ability to send text components in action bars
    - Added the ability to get/set font for text components
    - Added the ability to send normal strings in `send component` effect
    - Added a condition to check if a location is within 2 other locations
    - Added ability to broadcast with components `broadcast component %component%`
    - Added BossBar elements

    - Fixed an issue with knockback victim/attacker expression where victim and attacker were backwards

    - Removed old structure elements
    - Removed old particle effect patterns
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