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Addon SkBee 1.13.1

A simple solution to make your server more bold!

  1. The "Big Ten" Update [1.10.0]

    This update brings a bunch of new things, and a few fixes. That in mind, I have tested as much as I can, but please report any bugs you may find.

    - Fixed an issue with sending components on legacy servers
    - Fixed an issue with NBT and some items not returning an item
    - Fixed an issue with book pages on legacy versions
    - Fixed an issue with blocks of bounds throwing a null error
    - Fixed an issue with text components not formatting HEX colours

    - Added support for all args in tab complete event
    - Added support for setting NBT tags to booleans (will be converted internally to a byte)
    - Added an effect for opening/closing containers (chests/barrels/shulker boxes)
    - Added ‘Minecraft tags’ (for more info, see WIKI)
    - Added ‘material choices’ which can be used in recipes (for more info, see WIKI)
    - Added support for ‘material choices’ in recipes, thus allowing to set an ingredient to a choice of items. (Ex: an ingredient can allow for all planks)
    - Added support for NBT on all blocks (this is a semi-hacky method, use with caution) (for more info, see WIKI)
    - Added support for NBT tag types, thus allowing to specify what type you would like the tag to be set as (ex: let’s you distinguish if a tag should be set as an int, byte, short, etc)

    - Changed a bunch of stuff with how NBT is set. This is all internal, but will help reduce the amount of code you will need to write. You will be able to directly set custom tags of blocks/entities, without having to get the compound, manipulate it, then set it back.
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