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Script skBackpacks NBT | A better way to store your stuff! 3.3 release

Store your items in a non-virtual backpack!

  1. Bug fix update

    Two bugs have been fixed:
    You could put your own backpack into itself. Thanks to @DHStyle for reporting it.
    o) The character to split at has been changed to " ; " to prevent any conflicts with NBT. So now items with big NBTs (like heads) are completely supported.

    Other changes:
    Backpack limit has been removed until I find a (good) way to limit to 1 the amount of backpacks in player's inventory.
    o) Length of NBT savings is now 65,000 characters. This should prevent any crashes due to Minecraft's limits.

    New item saving method, increasing from 65,000 characters to about 200,000 characters at maximum to save.

    Hope you enjoy the update!
    Any bugs, report them in the thread or via PM! Thanks!
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