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Skript Tools Skar - AutoReload your Skript easily! 1.0.1

Make your workflow faster!

  1. SkyCraft78
    Skar will help you while making Script code.
    Its new generation AutoReload system will be reloading every edited script file automatically, without doing anything!

    Just enable your desired files or folder using /skar enable <name>, and disable them at any time using /skar disable <name>:


    When deleting a script file, its linked Skar configuration file will also be automatically deleted too:


    Lastly, check your server information & enabled / disabled AutoReload script files using /skar info:



Recent Updates

  1. Fixed reloading bugs & removed CPU infos

Recent Reviews

  1. Trason
    Version: 1.0.1
    I Love it i use it all day <3
    it makes the Workflow so much faster.