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  1. Max094_Reikeb
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    Hey, so for Halloween 2019 I made a special Halloween script, hope you'll enjoy it!

    - You can set an ethernal night option (customizable in "options" section)
    - If a player kills an agressive mob, he will be strike by lightning (also customizable)
    - When a player kills a mob or another player, there is 30% chance an angry ghost spawn to get revenge
    - The sheeps only spawn in 2 colors: orange and black
    - Scary effects every 2 minutes in the customizable world Halloween (only 1% chance)
    - If the player hits a bat, it will morph into a witch to defend itself
    - If the player hits a witch, the witch has 30% chance to morph back into a bat to escape from you Skalloween.png Araignée invisible.png
    - On a zombie spawn, there is 2% chance that the headless and horseless horseman spawn too, 2% chance that a specter spawn too and 2% chance that an animated armor spawn too
    - On a spider spawn, there is 2% chance that the horse of the headless and horseless horseman spawn too, and 2% chance that an angry invisible spider spawn too
    - On a creeper spawn, there is 2% chance that the Hell Hound spawn too
    - When they spawn, all endermen in all worlds will spawn with a un placable pumpkin in their arms

    Any command is set or required, isn't it cool?

    The following plugins are plugins I use every day but not all of them are required for this script to work well.
    - MundoSK
    - Skellett
    - SkRayFall
    - SkUtilities
    - TuSke
    - WildSkript


    1. Armure animmée.png
    2. Cavalier sans tête ni monture.png
    3. Cheval du cavalier sans tête ni monture.png
    4. Chien de l'Enfer.png
    5. Fantôme-Colérique-Invisible.png
    6. Fantôme-Colérique-Visible.png
    7. Moutons oranges ou noirs.png
    8. Spectre.png

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