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Skript Tools Sk-ST3 Syntax Highlighting [OPEN SOURCE] 2.6.3

Bring life back to Skript coding with colors and syntax highlighting using ST3.

  1. Major Update - GitHub, new features & bug fixes.

    Ayham Alali

    » Sk-ST3 v2.0 «
    • From now on everything will be on our Github page.
    • Changes:
    • Added Support for alaises: and import:
    • Added Support for ||, %nl%, %newline% in texts
    • Added String Color codes &0, &1, &2 etc.
    • Added some plurals players, numbers, integers etc.
    • Added != which equals to is not
    • Added Support for more conditions in different places Ternary Expr
    • Added Support for more player objects entit(y|ies) etc.
    • Added Support for Skript-Mirror codes Methods, Expressions, Effects, Conditions
    • Added Support return and continue statements
    • Added Support for options variables in texts - Ex. "{@prefix}"
    • Added Support for /command and cooldown options of commands
    • Fixed TimeSpan highlighting second(s), minute(s), hour(s), day(s) etc.
    • Fixed Important comment bug
    • Fixed Command options text (Showing white text)

    » Attachments (screenshots of some new features):
    » Link

    » Download link will now redirect you to Sk-ST3 Github releases.​

    » Happy coding everyone ♥
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