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Script SK | Server Controls 1.9 (BETA RELEASE)

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I just fixed a few bugs that were messing up the gui ban and gui mute.
Also, 2.0 will be the big release! There will be a BUNCH of new stuff, so be ready.
*Bug Fixes on Punishment System
Punishment System

The first person ever to review this skript suggested I put in mute, reload, and ban. I only did reload because I was HORRIBLE at skripting a punishment system. So now, I'm adding a Punishment System!

So basically, you have to do /servercontrols [Player] [Reason]
If you just do /servercontrols, it will give you the original controls.

The Punishment system includes Warn, Mute, Ban. They are all FINAL.
They cannot be undone, so make sure you don't ban the wrong person.

Removed Recompile

Someone on my SkUnity page said that recompile is useless.. Well, I listened to them so no more Recompiling.


*Added Recompile System (/screcompile)
*Added /info command (Shows info about the skript)

*Fixed a bug where when you click the pink on gui it would close. Now it won't.

- NicholasTheCoder