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Addon Sk-NBeeT 2.2.0

Rebranded, Updated and ready for 1.13.2 NBT

  1. Structure Blocks [2.2.0]

    Thanks to the use of Shynixn's StructureBlockAPI we can now save/paste structure block structures with some simple syntax patterns. (1.9.4+ ONLY)
    Also includes the ability to paste with rotation and mirroring.

    You might be thinking to yourself "Shane.. what does a structure block have to do with NBT" .. well, the structures are saved in an .nbt file format :emoji_wink:

    Check out the...
  2. Skript 2.2Dev series support [2.1.0]

    It came to my attention this add-on did not work correctly or at all on Skript 2.2 dev series, this has been fixed.
    This plugin now will properly support Spigot 1.8.8 - > 1.13.2 as well as Skript 2.2dev-series and Skript 2.3 series

    • Fixed item meta issue with older Skript versions
    • Reflection class to fix the item meta issue
    • Added ItemStack as...
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  3. Small Fix [2.0.3]

    • Brought back the ability to reset NBT, this only supports NBT of items, and not entities or blocks.
  4. Small Fix [2.0.2]

    • Fixed a small issue with the hidden flags expression running an NPE error
  5. Small Fix [2.0.1]

    • Fixed an issue with getting NBT of an item in 1.8.8 -> 1.12.2
  6. Big Rewrite [2.0.0]

    Sk-NBeeT series 2 is a big re-write adding support for older versions of Spigot all in one jar file.
    Doing this will give me the ability to update this add-on and keep it working for many different Spigot versions, rather than dropping support for past Spigot versions as new ones come out

    • Object NBT - Item/Entity/Tile-Entity has now been merged into one new expression.
    • NMS Classes - Classes for each NMS revision number,...
  7. A Few Little Things [1.2.4]

    • Entity NoClip State (Expression) - I know this really isn't NBT related but I added it anyways
    • Spawn Entity with NBT (Effect) - You can now directly spawn an entity with NBT
  8. Some New Stuff [1.2.3]

    • Item with NBT Expression - You can now directly give an item with NBT to a player or use them in GUIs without the need to create variables
    • Owner of Skull Block - You can set the owner of a skull block that has been placed
  9. Small Changes [1.2.2]

    • Changed ItemStack to ItemType in item-nbt, making it easier to deal with items in general
  10. Hidden Item Flags Expr [1.2.1]

    - Added a new expression to hide item flags, such as attributes, enchants and potion effects

    Code (Skript):
    1. %item stacks% with (attribute[s]|enchant[s]|destroy[s]|potion[ ]effect[s]|unbreakable|all) flag[s] hidden
    Code (Skript):
    1. set player's tool to player's tool with attribute flag hidden
    2. give player 1 diamond sword of sharpness 5 with enchants flag hidden
    3. set {_tool} to player's...