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Script SK KitPvP 1.0

Easy to use and configurable KitPvP script.

  1. mordrowned
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.17, 1.18, 1.19
    An easy to use, customizable and completely free KitPvP script.


    First you need to install Skript and the dependancy (SkBee)
    Skript: https://github.com/SkriptLang/Skript/releases
    SkBee: https://github.com/ShaneBeee/SkBee

    After that you can download this script from the Download Now button
    Then you can go into your server's file manager, click on plugins, click on Skript, click on Scripts and drop the file in there. (Make sure it has the .sk file extension)


    Customizable size/requirements
    Hologram Leaderboard

    8 Pre-Made kits which you can immediately use
    The option to create your own kits and customize them as you want
    Easy to edit kits after you created them
    Potion effects, items, costs and more

    A small economy:
    Decide how much people get on kill or lose on death
    Customize it as you want (you can disable it)
    Make new players get some of the currency
    Make kits unlockable with the currency

    Set the spawn wherever you want
    Mushroom soup item to regenerate health
    Ability for admins to edit the stats (kills, deaths, currency) of players

    Kitpvp.Play - access to basic features (the permission is changable)
    Kitpvp.admin - access to everything except config and reload
    Kitpvp.Op - access to everything

    Commands: (with tab complete)

    /kitpvp (or /kp)
    config - configurate the script as you like
    reload - reload the script file
    editstats <set/reset/add/remove> (player) <kills/deaths/currency> - edit the stats of another player
    buy/sell (kit) - buy or sell a kit
    edit (kit) - edit an already existing kit
    create/delete <kit name> - create or delete a kit
    menu - shows the menu with all the kits
    leaderboard <kills/deaths/currency> - Shows the top x amount of people on the server (x is configurable)
    stats (player) - Show the stats of yourself or another player
    clear - Clear your current kit
    kits - List all available kits
    kit/preview - Select or preview a kit
    setspawn - Change the spawn location
    hologram <list/delete/create> <kills/deaths/currency> - Create a leaderboard hologram
    spawn - Teleport you to spawn (3 second wait time)
    help (admin) - Shows all commands in-game