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  1. RELEASE 1.3 > New Expressions And Effects!

    So, this update is the BIGGEST update yet. It adds two major things, but also some extra features and a fix. Let's start with the first major thing:

    ENTITY TAGS (Tags stored in entities): A NICE ALTERNATIVE TO TAG API

    Entity Tags are like variables you can store in entities. They can be set to either numbers or integers.


    You can make cooldowns easily by starting a cooldown at a timespan.

    - group NAME exists
    - regions of ENTITY
    - last command of PLAYER
    - all of ENTITY's deaths of type ENTITY TYPE
    - all of ENTITY's kills of type ENTITY TYPE

    - improved the REGION condition so that it will not mistake one region as another if it contains the other region's name
    E.X: if player is in the region "spawnportal" but not the region "spawn", it will count them as being in "spawn" since "spawnportal" contains spawn. This bug is now fixed.
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