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API SimpleSK Release 1.3

A simple utility API for Skript.

  1. C
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Hello, I'd like to present SimpleSK, a script which requires a single addon, but all of these features would work with regular Skript if we didn't use skript-mirror, I'm using it to improve the syntax for these expressions, conditions and effects.

    The goal of SimpleSK is basically to make your Skript life easier! It'll be giving you plenty of expressions, effects and conditions which regular Skript doesn't offer with as easy syntax as this.

    Everything you can do in SimpleSK is possible in regular Skript, but it would require much more detailed and longer code to do the simple things. That's why I made this: To make your skript life easier.

    NEXT UPDATE: Soon...

    ADDONS REQUIRED (1): skript-mirror



    Code (Text):
    1. on damage:
    2.     line 1 of attacker's tool is "&cLightning Summoner" #From SimpleSK
    3.     strike lightning effect at victim
    4. on chat:
    5.     set message to capitalize message from 1 to 1 #From SimpleSK
    6. command /sort <numbers>:
    7.     trigger:
    8.         message "Sorted: %arg-1 sorted from greatest to least%" #From Simple SK


    If you want to see a list of expressions with their usage, a description of them, what they require, and an example, go to our documentation!
    If you have any more suggestions for this API to have, please put them in the discussions area for this script. Anyways this is just something I did out of boredom again but I'd also like constructive criticism, like if I did it efficiently or not and tips. This API is now published.


    1. Any resources which depend on my script must have a link to my script in their resource page.
    2. You are not allowed to publish modified versions of this script.
    3. You are not allowed to re-publish this script.
    4. Modifying my script will mean I will not provide you any support.
    5. You must always follow the latest version of these terms.

Recent Reviews

    Version: Release 1.2
    tks <3 .....i love it
    1. C
      Author's Response
      Tysm so much! Thanks for the good review. I'm just doing my best to help the Skript community.

      Next update is gonna be helpful, it'll add cooldowns, entity tags (just like tag API but better), and some new kill/death functions along with more permission and region support.

      Basically, you're 'bout to love this script even more.
  2. Ayham Alali
    Ayham Alali
    Version: Release 1.1
    It was nice to see this working without any addons.. some people can't use addons (rare ones such thus who runs some simple servers on shared hostings) but after you made it with Skript-Mirror it became the same as EWS script (MirrorUtil).. EWS has better code because he uses real Java.. you better revert it to use no addons to make it special :)

    Good work & good luck.
    1. C
      Author's Response
      Ehh, I'd still rather use skript-mirror since its much more easy to use over functions. And MirrorUtils doesn't have all the functions I have. These functions are much simpler than his. If you want I could make a function version.