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Script SimpleClicker || Incremental simple game 1.0

A Simple incremental game

  1. Winnn
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7, 1.8
    It is an incremental skript, similar to cookie clicker. Still very simple! But I plan to spend time evolving this skript to another level!

    It was made by me, Winnn.
    If you need help, ask a question, make a suggestion, or report a mistake, do it in my discord: winnn # 3300

    - /clicker (This gives you an item to earn a coin on click)
    permission: clicker.user
    - /reset <player> (Reset statistic of an player)
    permission: clicker.admin

    - Coin per click
    - Customizable name of currency
    - Customizable item, name and lore of item
    - Customizable initial CPC (Coin per click)
    - Max coins

    TO DO:
    - Second coin
    - CPS (coin per second)
    - Upgrade CPC (coin per click)
    - Number Formatting
    - Upgrades system
    - Guild system
    - Ranking system (with gui, chat or scoreboard)
    - GUI system (chestcommands or possibly other)
    - Converter coin
    - Prestige system (reset everything to get a bonus)
    - Boosters (with a permission or a time)
    - Total multiplier
    - Auto-Updater
    - Shop
    - Tree Skills
    - YAML Configuration
    - Coin Storage