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Script Simple Essentials Pro [ ★ Still Being Maintained! 1.12.x - 1.14.x ★ ] 1.14.1

This skript aims to be the better then the other Essentials Skripts!

  1. Update 0.9.3

    Misc | Made some changes to the Auto Updater
    Misc | Completely Redone the config and added more customisation options
    Addon | Added Experimental Economy + API ( Testing )
    Misc | Changed the message when setting a spawn to show the coordinates
    Misc | Changed the message when setting a home to show the coordinates
    Addon | Added a teleport message to spawn ( Customizable in config )
    Fix | If you dont specify a player to change into creative / survival / adventure mode it defaults to player/executor
    Remove | Removed /console as it is quite buggy right now.

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