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Script Simple Essentials Pro [ ★ No More Updates ★ ] 0.9.3

This skript aims to be the better then the other Essentials Skripts!

  1. F
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12

    Simple Essentials is an Essentials Skript aiming to be better then all the other ones on Spigot. Currently it is no where near a good standard and is currently in Alpha stage with HEAVY Development. This is currently my main project and I will try to be pushing out daily updates. Be sure to keep checking this page as It will start to expand and progress and eventually ( after a bit of time ) turn into one of if not the best Spigot Essentials Skript of all time!

    Some features include....

      • Extremely Lightweight
      • Simple to setup!
      • In depth configuration
      • Friendly Developer
      • Always testing out / trying out new things
      • Elevator Signs - They only work for going up right now
      • In Development Economy System - so you dont need Vault
      • Update checker - so you dont have to keep checking for updates
      • Custom in-development Economy API - So you can use my Skript for other stuff!
      • Most Essentials commands
      • Execute Console commands from ingame - Currently Disabled
      • Chat Management Features coming soon - Example /disable chat /enable chat etc
      • And lots more coming soon!


    Code (Skript):
    1. # Custom API n Stuff #
    2. # {SEconomy::balance::%uuid of player%} # Displays the players balance.
    3. # How to use in your own Skript for 1 example #
    4. on death:
    5.     if {SEconomy::balance::%uuid of victim%} is greater than 500:
    6.         remove 500 from {SEconomy::balance::%uuid of victim%}
    7.         send "&c$500 Has been removed from your &9SimpleEssentials Balance&7" to victim
    8.         send "&cYour new balance is %{SEconomy::balance::%uuid of victim%}%"
    9.         stop
    11. # ---- MORE COMING SOON ---- #
    • More improved help message / menu - Maybe even a GUI
    • Fix any bugs that may pop up
    • Start using Functions when I learn how to
    • Support for the Elevator signs to be able to teleport players down
    • More Chat Management commands
    • Perfectionize the new Economy System
    • Add more stuff to the API, then hopefully branch out to a new all API Skript for others to use that gives a lot of compatibility to other Skripts!

    Skript 2.2
    Essentials ( Only for /cmdblock. Not required )

Recent Updates

  1. Update 0.9.3
  2. Update 0.9.1
  3. Update 0.9-A