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  1. kenkencw
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11, 1.12
    - skript
    - skstuff (nbt data)
    - skstuff fork for 1.12 https://github.com/Tuke-Nuke/SkStuff/releases
    - skquery
    - wildskript
    - EssentialsX (economy)
    - vault (economy)

    - load script
    - for essentials must add permission essentials.spawnerconvert.* to allow player use all type of spawners

    /silkspawner ; /ss (main help page)
    /ss maintanance ; /ss m (incase of bugs & conflicts, ppl cant use spawner when enabled)
    /ss give <spwaner type> (give spawner)

    silkspawner.maintanance.use (can use spawner when maintanance)

    Code (Skript):
    1. #===========#
    2. #  options  #
    3. #===========#
    4. options:
    5.     prefix: &6[&eSilkSpawner&6]&b
    7.     breaking_fees: 10000    # breaking fees ; put 0 for disable
    8.     placing_fees: 1000        # placing fees ; put 0 for disable
    10.     logger: true            # log break & place spawner activity in "Skript/logs/spawner-year-month.log"
    12.     #permission for staff
    13.     maintanance: "silkspawner.maintanance"            # trigger maintnance, used of incase of bug ; once triggered player cannot break & place spawner
    14.     maintanance_use: "silkspawner.maintnance.use"    # can use spawner while maintanance
    15.     give: "silkspawner.give"                        # access give spawner command

    included fix spawners - that created from Silkspawners plugin, coz this plugin (i feel abit sucks) it generate nbt only can defind by the plugin itself, they even wrong name some spawner :emoji_expressionless:, once the plugin removed, those spawners become useless (no function & error nbt), and other few bugs zzz

    Screenshot 2017-06-02 02.37.42.png

    Screenshot 2017-06-02 02.37.37.png

    To do list
    still under monitor on bugs

    - improve get nbt on place once lag possible result "none"
    - add optional to change spawner; pig --> zombie

    i did many experiment & fixed most bugs in my server, i hope this script can help some skripters

    inform me if got any bug


    1. 0b9702592207e43718f0787059145040.png

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  1. Darkweasam
    Version: 1.2
    This resource helped me making my own silk spawner skript with my own modifications. Just made an account to rate it as I never knew about the torch bug and it seems to still exist in 2021...
  2. Mark Alonzo
    Mark Alonzo
    Version: 1.2
    3 stars because we can't read ur code it's illisable