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Addon SharpSK [1.8 - 1.12+] 1.6.3

Made for supporting alot of your favourite plugins for use in skript

  1. Update

    Mythicmobs 4.x.x Support

    Added On MM Skill [cast]: for old 2.x.x versions.
    The event cannot be used in 4.x.x versions since the author removed it from the api.

    Removed old 5.0 support
    Added support for 5.3 snapshot builds
    Added %player% is authenticated

    Fixed old broken 2.x.x compatibility.

    You can no longer create a timer when there is already one running with the same name. This is to avoid conflicts.

    Fixed active timers not getting saved when the server crashes or the operator closes the server window without stopping the server first.

    Fixed some big problems related to version checking resulting in syntaxes getting wrongly registerd or not registerd at all affecting some of the hooks like Mythicmobs and jobsReborn with old version compatibility checks
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