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Script Sharpness Capper v1.0

Adds a new cap to sharpness using /sharpness

  1. King_Creeperz
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.17, 1.18
    Do you have a server that is 1.17+ and want to make a RPG? But then you realized the cap is 255 now?
    This script will help you with your needs!!!!!!!!!!

    (You should have this installed if you are making a RPG)

    How it works

    It grabs {@damageMultipler} (0.5) and multiply it by arg-1 with the command /sharpness. But if your asking "Why 0.5?" 0.5 is the number each vanilla sharpness value is. except the first value. The first sharpness level is 1 so that is why it adds another 0.5 each time you add the levels. This can be disabled in the options as well as some features you can use like vanilla enchant cap pre 1.17. So after it finds the damage value. It uses ItemEdit to put the value onto your weapon
    What is the use of this?
    A lot. I mean you can finally make the RPG you want to be making with enchants like this. There may be another one of these scripts with looting too!
    This may be the future of RPGs as they can live on and attributes can be used as a replacement. Hope you makers are excited!


    1. SharpCapper.png