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Addon ServerInstances 2.0.1

A premium Skungee expansion to create a cloud server network.

  1. 2.0.0

    Welcome to ServerInstances 2.0.0 this version only works with Skungee 2.0.0-ALPHA-16.2 and higher https://github.com/Skungee/Skungee-2.0.0/releases

    This is currently in beta. Please report all bugs at https://github.com/Skungee/ServerInstancesSkript/issues

    Current syntaxes:

    Start a template
    Code (Text):
    2. (start|create) [a] [new] [bungee[[ ]cord]] server[s] (with|from) [the] template[s] %strings%

    Get all template names
    Code (Text):
    1. [(all [[of] the]|the)] templates [(on|for) server instances]

    1. Make sure you have Skungee 2.0.0 installed and configured correctly.
    2. The downloaded content goes on the Bungeecord network, placing it in the plugins folder.
    3. Place ServerInstancesSkript in the Spigot server and the Bungeecord proxy plugins folder.
    4. Add templates. Wiki here: https://github.com/Skungee/ServerInstances/wiki
    5. Restart the Bungeecord instance and any Skungee servers you just installed ServerInstances on.

    Wiki: https://github.com/Skungee/ServerInstances/wiki
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