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Addon ServerInstances 2.0.1

A premium Skungee expansion to create a cloud server network.

  1. ftpspace
    Version: 1.0.4
    hard to setup it took my full day to make it work but still there is some problems
  2. rigbot
    Version: 1.0.2
    I really wish there was a feature to delete servers as easy as it was to make them. Please consider that
  3. AndroZz
    Version: 1
    Very good resource, I managed to create a server management system compared to the number of players connected, I have no bug. I advise :)
    1. LimeGlass
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review!
  4. HelloImJake
    Version: 1
    Great resource - totally worth the money. I think the idea of cloud based servers with skript makes life so much easier. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.
  5. Getreidemonster
    Version: 1
    It seems that it has potential - looking forward for more cloud server stuff.
    (Maybe something like server-side scripts?)
    1. LimeGlass
      Author's Response
      ServerInstances adapt everything from Skungee, so you can use GlobalScripts from Skungee to execute network scripts, you also place defined scripts in the templates of the ServerInstances to have scripts included within these ServerInstances. There isn't much I can think of to add. It's awesome and has full control over everything on the servers using Skungee. If you have any suggestions I will like to hear :D
  6. Noice01
    Version: 1
    Excellent. Developer very active, supportive, and always responds to questions! Can't wait for the next update, which will bring Stop syntax! :)

    Great Addon, Limeglass! Worth the 4.99 -- Definetly!
  7. medivh
    Version: 1
    Good support & resource, awaiting for more updates.