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Script Selly 1.0.0

A simple and highly configurable shop script.

  1. LimeGlass
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    A simple and easy shop system. It's designed to be easy for you to configure, and advanced in the functionality. You can create shops, incorporate them with Citizens, and it also comes with a command to sell the items of the defined shops directly. The script would be less than 200 lines if it was excluding configurations, so this script is extremely optimized.

    * /Selly - The main command for the script.
    * /Selly list - List all shops.
    * /Selly add <shop> - Add a shop.
    * /Selly delete <shop> - Delete a shop.
    * /Selly edit <shop> - Open the editor GUI.
    * /Selly rename <shop> <newshop> - Rename a shop.

    • selly.admin (allows to configure shops)
    • selly.shop.INSERT-SHOP-NAME
    replace INSERT-SHOP-NAME with the shop name. Pretty simple. This permission allows a user to sell at the shop.

    To install the script onto your server:
    1. Skellett and Skript 2.2-dev35+ need to be installed.
    2. Place the download Selly.sk in the scripts folder "plugins/Skript/scripts"
    3. Type /sk reload Selly
    4. Enjoy!
    Video demo

    Code (Skript):
    2. #---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    3. options:
    4.    prefix: &7[&aSelly&7] &f
    5.    maincolour: &a
    6.    secondarycolour: &7
    7.    thirdcolour: &6
    9.    #main configuring command
    10.    command: /selly
    11.    command-permission: selly.admin
    13.    sell-command: /sell
    14.    sell-permission: selly.sell
    15.    sell-usage: &6You need to enter a valid shop name. &l/sell <shop>
    16.    sell-usesound: true
    17.    sell-sound: ENTITY_EXPERIENCE_ORB_PICKUP
    18.    sell-soundpitch: 2
    20.    no-sellable-items-sound: ENTITY_VILLAGER_NO
    21.    no-sellable-items-pitch: 3
    23.    buy-command: /buy
    24.    buy-permission: selly.buy
    26.    header: "           &l&nSelly Editor"
    27.    shop-header: "&4&l{SHOP} Shop Editor"
    28.    viewer-header: "&4{SHOP} Shop"
    30.    #The time out of the chat listener, this is how long a player has to reply to the chat confirmation
    31.    #The time is in seconds
    32.    timeout: 120
    34.    #Messages
    35.    no-permission: You don't have the correct permissions.
    36.    creative: You can't sell items when in creative mode.
    37.    add-shop: &6Type in chat now the name of this new shop.
    38.    new-shop: &6The shop with the name &a&l{SHOP} &6has just been added.
    39.    remove-shop: &cAre you sure you want to remove shop &a&l{SHOP}&c? Type &lYES &cin chat to accept or type anything else to cancel.
    40.    removed-shop: &6The shop &a&l{SHOP} &6has been removed.
    41.    renamed-shop: &6The shop has been renamed to &a&l{SHOP}.
    42.    already: &cThe shop {SHOP} already exists, please delete the old one or pick a new name.
    43.    not-found: &cThe shop &l{SHOP} &ccould not be found.
    44.    sold-items: &bYou have sold {AMOUNT_OF_ITEMS} items at shop &a&l{SHOP} &bworth &a${AMOUNT}
    45.    no-sellable-items: &cYou don't have any sellable items for shop &l{SHOP}&c.
    46.    shops-are: &aPossible shops are: &r
    48.    #Citizens
    49.    #The shop placeholder is needed in order for this to work.
    50.    npc-name: {SHOP} Shop
    52.    #Menu items
    53.    #Because Skript can't support multiple lores well
    54.    #This is the main cost of the item when editing
    55.    price-lore: "&6Price per one of this item"
    56.    #The second lore
    57.    info-lore1: "&7To increase the price of the item by 1 rightclick"
    58.    #The thrid lore
    59.    info-lore2: "&7To increase the price by 10 shift rightclick"
    60.    info-lore3: "&7To increase the price by 100 drop this item"
    62.    removing-lore1: "&cTo decrease the price of this item by 1 leftclick"
    63.    removing-lore2: "&cTo decrease the price by 10 shift leftclick"
    64.    removing-lore3: "&cTo decrease the price by 100 control + drop this item"
    65. #---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    I will be taking suggestions, but I will not be adding an auto sell feature as Skript is a lot slower than a Java plugin in that regards, and I would highly recommend not making Skript do that. My scripts are designed and made for performance.