Script Scenarios 1.3

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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.7
  2. 1.8
Classic scenarios skript for 1.7/1.8 done right(possibly).
Halo my name is Hakim i made this skript that im not using anymore so i thought why not put it on sell for anyone to use even if its 1.50$(still a lot). ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ why not

Some requirements are of course needed since its skript
- D4's team manager (Team scenarios)
- Skript-mirror (Custom syntaxes for other skript developers) (Pm for more info)
- Tuske (Gui)
- SkQuery
- SkRayFall | Holographics Displays (For timebomb holograms you can exclude if you dont want) | HolographicsDisplaysPatch (Fix holograms not being able to be seen by 1.7 users)
- Some knowledge with skript as in functions for some scenarios

Well theres really no command except /scenarios
- /scenarios - Opens staff gui if you have perms or normal gui if you dont have perms
- /scenarios Disableall - Disables all scenarios
- /scenarios list - Lists all enabled scenarios
*Scenarios are toggle-able with the staff gui
*Normal scenarios gui aka player gui contains scenario description

Included Scenarios:
* | Requires custom team skript
` | Requires to be manually setup ingame either by adding a command or telling your uhc plugin/skript to autorun it

- `*Moles
- `Entropy
- `LootCrates
- Bats
- HasteyBoys
- `Superheroes
- *TeamInv
- Timebomb
- Bowless
- Fireless
- NoClean
- CutClean
- DoubleOres
- TripleOres
- Timber
- Webcage

Screenshots since images are better than words:
- Staff GUI - Green = Enabled | Red = Disabled

- Player GUI

- /Scenarios list

- /MoleKits - Checks if player has space

How to setup:
1. Download all the requirements
2. Make sure you have the right skript version (2.2 v8 fix recommended for 1.7 servers)
3. Place the skript inside plugins/Skript/scripts
4. Modify the permission and prefix to your liking

*5. For scenarios that require you to manually run it the functions are:
- SetMoles("N/A") - Loops through all the teams and sets a mole per team
- SuperHeroesStart("N/A") - Loops through all the players and give them buffs
- LootCratesStart("N/A") - Starts the lootcrates timer and start giving out lootcrates
- EntropyStart("N/A")
Need help? just contact me on discord ill gladly help. Discord included in the skript.

First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. Added Entropy

    - Added Entropy as a scenario. - Fixed forgot to delete Moles variable on server close.
  2. Added Webcage and a few other fixes

    Added the scenario webcage - A sphere of cobwebs spawns around a player's death location. Fixes...
  3. Moles Fix

    Moles - Fixed crashing - Now offline players cant be moles