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Script SafeTrade 1.3

Great player to player safe item trading script.

  1. 1.13 Support

    This version was made to work with 1.13.2.

    - Fixed a few bugs with item blacklisting
    - Item ID no longer supported, changed to Item Type
  2. Fixed Important Bug

    Fixed a bug where if you held shift and clicked twice, it would put everything in your inventory into the gui, resulting in the loss of a bunch of items.
  3. Bug Fixes, Item Blacklisting

    Fixed Bugs:
    - A player can no longer accept the trade of someone who is already in a trade
    - /tradetoggle now requires a permission (trade.use)

    New Feature:
    - Item Blacklisting based off of name, lore, item id, and exact item

    Example blacklist.yml
    Code (YAML):
    1. ## This is the item blacklist for trading.
    2. ## Use /tblacklist <create,remove,set> <id> for managing the item blacklist.
    3. ##
    4. ## Detection Types:
    5. ##   'Name' = Detect blacklisted item by name (For...
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