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❝ pre.0.5 Stable ❞ LOG

● Added:

⇢ Bring back the WORLD support. (Delete the config.yml & /rustz reload to see the new node "World:")
⇢ Combust disabled for zombies.
⇢ Now the variables inherent to the player, are taken only when the player is online and are automatically deleted when he is disconnected. However, the data remains saved in the "Profiles" folder.

● Fixes:

⇢ "/rustz set spawn" command. (You need to set the spawnpoint again.)

N.B. The world support works like a charm & it support every rustz event & scoreboard too.
The commands & signs works in every world.
❝ pre.0.3b Stable ❞ LOG

● Added:

⇢ Bandage. (Item)
⇢ Antidote. (Item)
⇢ Force respawn of the player.
⇢ Force gamemode SURVIVAL on join.

● (Hot)Fixes:

⇢ On player death the spawn location was missed.
⇢ On player death the player was still in-game.
⇢ The resistance buff was too high, now it works better.

N.B. The Bandage & Antidote aren't already enabled, are just added into the code.
In the next update the craft will be available.
❝ pre.0.3 Stable ❞ LOG


Furnace recipe & craft;
Anvil placement.
❝ pre.0.2 Stable ❞ LOG


Signs.yml file;
Signs(Play & Spawn);
Spawn command.


Blocked crafting menu of player;
Permission messages.

Line-1: [RUSTZ]
Line-2 Join/Play or Spawn