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Script RUSTZ pre.0.5 Stable

Dayz & Rust custom survival gamemode

  1. YoshYz
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12


    This gamemode to run needs an entire server and not only a world.

    I advice you to create a custom map to play using world paint software.

    To run this script requires:

    - Skript (Latest version on github)
    - Skellett (Latest version on skunity)
    - SkQuery Lime Edition (Latest version on skunity)


    Main command: /rustz
    Permissions: https://hastebin.com/purubizasa.vbs
    Use /rustz help for the list of commands.


    Catapulte into the game map
    Custom recipes ( GUI )
    Custom crafting system
    Custom resources system
    Auto replacing of resources
    All messages are configurable
    Custom items & structures
    Tool consuming event
    Torch system
    & more...

    (Small video just to see the main features)

    In the game you can only break these blocks:

    Spruce Wood;
    Grass(not the block);
    Iron ore;
    Coal ore;

    In the game you can only place these blocks:

    Spruce wood plank;
    Iron block;
    Join the game using /rustz join or play

    Blocks and special items informations: https://hastebin.com/aqujekalic.sql

    NB: This plugin actually doesn't own any protections when a player is out of the game, so use worldguard to protect your spawn or structures.

    Incoming features: Campfire structure, Radiation Zones, New recipes, levelling system.

Recent Updates

  1. World support and fixes
  2. Free release
  3. Furnace recipe & Anvil Fixes

Recent Reviews

  1. Maezukie
    Version: pre.0.3b Stable
    Amazing skript work, configurable, easy to use and fun i like it!
    1. YoshYz
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the nice review!