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Latest Reviews

  1. Aaron734
    Version: 1.0.0
    Amazing skript for my Minecraft server it works perfectly
  2. CaptainATW
    Version: 1.2
    This skript is great, easy to use. If you get an action bar error, replace the line with.
    send action bar "&6You can talk in &b%{mute::%loop-player%}% &cseconds." to loop-player
  3. ApQd
    Version: 1.3.1
    I didn't read the code but if we look at the video your skript is so damn good! good job man ;)
  4. ApQd
    Version: 1.7.2
    very nice, simple project that help a lot. As a feedback for the future make it easier for players other than opening the code and editing by them self like command /word [main word] [short cuts for the words]
    1. D4isDAVID
      Author's Response
      Hey, thank you for the review! As for the feedback, adding such a command would use another addon - something that I would like to avoid... but I'll keep your idea in mind.
  5. AngerYT
    Version: Beta-v0.0.3
    Works awesome!

    The catch is its super usefull as i wanted to make an free op server where people can do things as creating skripts

    This is the awesome skript for minecraft!

    1. DerpyTurtlez
      Author's Response
      Thanks, i gotta work on updating this though.

      ( I don't know when. but im glad you're enjoying it! )
  6. ApQd
    Version: 1.2.0
    I can not download the skript ;(
  7. SkriptError
    Version: BETA-3.2
    Just found more falses lol if you put a boat on blocks then stand under the block then break it so the boat is on ur head then jump while the boat is one ur head it flags flight. if you go up a block with ladders it flags fly. or vines using a piston and a lever and standing on the piston and push urself up and spam it, it flags flight. there is some press good bypasses with lime hacked client check it out if you have time.
  8. loolkkekr
    Version: 3.6
    Not work.
    [net.dv8tion.jda.internal.requests.WebSocketClient] WebSocket connection was closed and cannot be recovered due to identification issues