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Script Respawn-Kit System 2.0.4

This script will give you a respawn kit after death

  1. DarkKingMW
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    This Skript is a revised version of what I once wrote on my server
    With this skript, players can use the command /respawn-upgrades to buy respawn kits and whoever they die they get the respawn kit level they are at the moment, There are 4 different respawn kits.

    (You can change the kits yourself in the skript at any time if you have a clue about the skript.)

    ATTENTION: I have tested the skript in version 1.16.3. If you use it in other versions, errors can occur because the skript would be made for 1.16.3.

    Server Version:

    1.16.3 Paper #246: PaperMC


    Skript 2.5.1: Skript
    SkBee 1.7.2: SkBee
    Skript-Reflect 2.1.0: Skript-Reflect

    For the economy things I used Vault + EssentialsX:
    Vault: Vault
    EssentialsX 2.18.1: Essentials
    I used PermissionsEx for the rights.

    All the dependencies must be installed on the server, after moving all the dependencies restart the server.
    The skript must be in the /plugins/skript/scripts file.
    Then do /sk reload respawn-level

    ➢ You don't need permissions for /respawn-upgrades
    system.owner : With this you can use /respawnkit

    Use /respawnkit help for all commands
    Below you can find a few pictures of what the skript in-game looks like
    If you have any questions or problems with the skript contact me here by private message.