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Script Report System 1.0.267

Report-System for your Server!

  1. KaramDoesMC
    Version: 1.0.267
    Its so bad
    thats it
    1. HiqqhFive
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your reply.
      As I said, there will be a new version of the reporting system soon.
      Best regards
  2. Scholler
    Version: 1.0.267
    How is it possible that 1k downloads but no rating?
    There are some spelling mistakes and some things that could have been coded better, but it's still working and I give u 5*
    1. HiqqhFive
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your reply.
      I'm not good in english, because i come from germany :D
      I will add a new recource, a completely neu report system soon :D
      Thanks again for your rating :D