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Script RealPractice PRO ⚫ Donator Permissions! ⚫GUI to create Kits, Arena and Gametypes ⚫ (BIGGEST UPDATE!) v2.1

An unique practice skript for unique practice servers only!

  1. Pingusate
    I recommend reading all the page before purchasing RealPractice
    If you need help/support, please consider joining my discord


    WARNING: all of these commands require practice.admin permission
    shows you permission and command list.

    /setkitedit, /setedit
    Sets the spawn of the kit editor.

    Creates gametype for single or multiple arenas.

    Sets the inventory of the kit you have created.

    No wand required, Creates an arena, The name can be a single number or a name

    /setspawn1, /setspawn2
    Sets match player's first spawn and the second one in the same arena you have created.

    /guipractice <arena/gametype>
    Opens practice setup gui!

    Easy arena setup
    Easy gametype setup
    No wand required

    Main spawn setting
    Settings (messages, duels)
    Join items (Unranked & Ranked Queues)
    1 Gametype would set Multiple arenas
    Donator private access (permission: practice.donator)
    Parties (soon...)
    Kit Editor
    GUIs to create arenas and gametypes (JUST ADDED!)

    You may only purchase with paypal.

    1. Copying this code, and reclaiming it as your own is not allowed
    2. Leaking this script is not allowed
    3. If you want to send it as a gift, please contact me via discord: https://discord.gg/BATDxAX
    4. This script requires a specific version of Skript and SkQuery which can be found here: https://mega.nz/#!IaAz0ZAa!NHSQQoCc2wadHSCqdnxzz4t2LTMl3edUpwSrpo87vKo (Check with virustotal.com if you think this is a virus)