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Script Realcore ⌇ Core for your server. 3.0 RELEASED

An advanced core for your amazing server!

  1. Pingusate
    I recommend reading all the page before downloading RealCore.
    If you need help/support, please consider joining my discord

    /clearmychat, /cmc
    Clears your own chat (only you)

    /clearpublicchat, /cpc (realcore.cpc
    Clears public chat.
    /staffhelp (realcore.staffhelp)
    Shows admins help,
    Shows server's info (Website, store, etc.)
    /help (custom)
    Shows server's commands and information.
    /plugins, /pl (hider)
    Plugins list hidden.
    Lets the player report a cheater

    /bc <text>
    Makes admin be able to broadcast a message to the full server.

    - /plugins hider
    - Custom join & leave messages
    - Custom Join MOTD
    - Clear your own chat
    - Clear public chat
    - Custom /help for admins
    - Custom /help
    - Report System
    - Scoreboard
    - Autobroadcaster
    - Broadcast for the full server
    - Scoreboard
    - AntiSpam
    - AntiAdvertising (soon..)
    - AntiSwear

    WARNING: Requires skRayFall, skQuery, Skellet, skUtilies, And TuSKe

Recent Updates

  1. the "NO ERRORS" update.
  2. Conditions got fixed
  3. 2.3

Recent Reviews

  1. ShaneBee
    Version: 2.3
    I have downloaded all the requirements for this skript as per the instructions. On load, There is 48 errors mostly due to indentation errors (A lot of them) I have contacted the dev several times now and he has refused to fix them. So if this skript won't load what is the point of it?
    Errors: https://pastebin.com/7eYLQthH
    1. Pingusate
      Author's Response
      Hello Shane, i really appreciate your review, i willing to be fixing the resource on my best. If you got any other errors, please contact me via discord. Toreo#1450
  2. R
    Version: v2.1 RELEASED
    Good script. Nice work! You can make config, to edit everything :)
  3. Jeroeno_Boy
    Version: v2.0 BETA 1
    Just the average core skript, im not here to hate (so you know) oh and a quick note: you did the /pl hider wrong, you can tab with /ver, not gonna tell ya how to fix that but its possible
    1. Pingusate
      Author's Response
      its now a custom /pl, Thanks for your reviews :D
  4. Jeroeno_Boy
    Version: v2.0 BETA
    Well in version 2.0 BETA it is basicly and duels plugin, fix your shit plz ty
    1. Pingusate
      Author's Response
      Fixed. You don't have to say "Sh*t" xD