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Script Radiation Zone 1.2

Create and manage radiation regions on worlds

  1. SpectralMagic
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Created By: SpectralMagic(me) Tested on 1.12.2
    Someone requested this be done, and I didn't think keeping it private(or mostly private) would be too fair, since I'm providing it for free anyways.

    This skript offers 4 commands, an editing wand, and "radiation zones".

    You can use /rad or /rad help to show command list,
    /rad create <name> #creates a radiation zone from 2 selected positions
    /rad reset <pos1>/<pos2>/<both> #resets selected position(s)
    /rad wand #gives you the selection tool

    How to use this:
    1. type: "/rad wand"
    2. use the wand by left and right clicking on 2 points.
    #Inside these 2 points will be a radiation zone once we create it.
    3. type: "rad create <name>" replace <name> with your desired region name
    4. Done, you have now created a new radiation zone.

    Now whenever a player enters that region they will get a radiation scoreboard, and the radiation increases by 10 for each 2.5 seconds.
    It will only increase by 1 if the player is wearing a golden helmet or golden chestplate. Once the radiation reaches 100 the player will receive a blindness effect, and at 200 they receive a poison effect. Radiation goes down naturally at a rate of 10 per 2.5 seconds while standing outside of a radiation zone.

    I put a small amount of effort into creating this skript, so it is not very documented, but it is easy to understand(hopefully).

    It's not every configurable, but I didn't want to put too much time into making it very configurable. Since skript is a simple language, It should be easy to edit to your taste.

    This is my first resource, enjoy!

    - Skript
    -World Edit
    -World Guard

    Most likely also requires:
    -SkQuery-Lime v1.9.10
    -PirateSk v5.0

    Even if you do not plan on using the radiation part, it is still a good basis for area detection and creation