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Script QuickSell 1.31

A Simple Prison-sell for your server!

  1. Multiple shops!

    QuickSell has been updated to Stable 1.2
    [?] What new in the Stable?

    Bug fixes and optimizations have been added in this stable release of QuickSell.

    [Fix] Fixed getter of current version.
    [Fix] Fixed error when calculating the amount received.
    [Fix] Fixed bugs with sell items using /SellAll.
    [Fix] Again bug fixes when selling items using /Sell.
    [Fix] Some localization changes.

    [+] Added the number of items sold to the corresponding message.

    [+] Added command to check the current version.

    What is new in QuickSell v1.3
    Now supports are multiple shops sell with permissions system.
    You can create shops in Configuration or create ingame system.
    /QuickSell createShop <name> <required permission>
    Then, you can set prices of items for specific shop.
    /QuickSell setItem <Shop> <Double>
    NOTICE! Setted item = item in your hand
    Didn't like the installed blocks? Delete them!
    /QuickSell removeItem <Shop>
    NOTICE! Removed item = item in your hand
    You want erasing shop?
    /QuickSell removeShop <Shop>

    Multiple shops currently supported only using command /SellAll <Shop>, if wroted /SellAll using default shop from Shop's conifguration, command /Sell selling items from default configurated shop!
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