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Script PvP Modes 1.0

Easily change your world's PvP (or PvE) mode using this script, including NoHitDelay and NoDamage

  1. S
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    This resource adds the ability to easily modify (per-world) PvP modes for your server. You can customize each worlds PvP mode with a simple to use GUI with a world selector included. The available PvP modes are currently normal, NoHitDelay and No Damage. NoHitDelay is a mode which disables the default Minecraft hit delay of 20 ticks. You might have seen this before on PvP server, where it's also known as Combo mode.

    Commands & Permissions
    The command to change a worlds PvP mode is /setpvpmode [<world | all>] [<mode>] (alias: /pvpmode) with the permission setpvpmode)
    - SkQuery
    - skript-mirror
    - TuSKe

    I hope you like this script and if you do, give it a nice rating. If you have any ideas or complaints about this script, feel free to send me a message!