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Interesting script. I've been making my own Punishment GUI and wanted to check this one out. It could be optimized a ton by cutting out some useless things. It's possible, because my Punishment GUI (Soon to be released) is 87% shorter, and more neat. The only 1.8 is kinda wack, as most scripts work for 1.8+ unless it uses 1.14.4 features directly.
Same stuff as I said to Max094_Reikeb
So i repost my review because it was deleted i don't know why...

This script could be better optimized and it's way too long. Plus, 1.8 is no more used on servers (only a few still use it) you should make your script work for 1.14.
Tons of servers support 1.8, I don't know what your talking about

And the skript IS pretty long, but it's more customizable & I mentioned that there was probably a better way to do things in the overview..