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Script Punishment-GUI 2.0

Very useful and easy-to-use Punishment-GUI to manage your Server's players.

  1. Castolo GR
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15, 1.16
    This Skript can help you punish players in your server. If you decide to punish a player, simply do /punish <player> <reason>. The <reason> will be used for the <player> to know for which reason they were banned. Enjoy the Skript and make sure to report bugs on the section below or DM me on Discord (CastoloGR#0709). If you like the Skript make sure to rate it. If it doesn't work, don't rate 1 Star.

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    • Skript
    • skQuery
    • TuSKe
    • skRayFall
    • skUtilities
    • Essentials (Or any other Punishment plugin)

    • /punish <player> <reason> = Opens Punishment GUI ---> punish.use
    • /tban <player> <reason> = Opens Temporary Ban GUI ---> tban.use
    • /silent <player> <reason> = Opens Mute GUI ---> mute.use
    • /unmute <player> = Unmutes a Player ---> unmute.use
    • /deleteban <player> = Unbans a player ---> deleteban.use
    • /history <player> = Show a player's history ---> history.use
    • /freeze <player> = Freeze a Player (If they log off they get auto banend) ---> freeze.use


    [Main GUI]


    [TempBan GUI]


    [Mute GUI]